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Newglasses 002Marla Jo Fisher was a workaholic hard-news reporter before she adopted two children from foster care at age 46, picked up a scruffy dog along the way and somehow managed to keep them all alive, at least until today. What day is it again?

She now juggles her job as a newspaper columnist with being a single mom, all the while being exhorted from everywhere to be thinner, smarter, sexier, better exercised, more philanthropic, more frugal, more stylish, more devoted to her kids, more devoted to her job, better dressed, a healthier cook, a tidier housekeeper and a more engaged citizen.

Oh yeah, she needs to clean up the dog poop in the yard, too.

You can find links here to her Frumpy Middle-Age Mom humor column that appears in the Orange County Register weekly, and until recently were available from the McClatchy News wire, purchased by numerous other newspapers around the country, including the Sacramento Bee, Wichita Eagle, Deseret News, Waterbury Republican-American, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and many more.

Due to her status as a major cheapskate. she also writes about deals and bargains for the Register, including her Cheapo Travel column which also runs in newspapers around the country. When she’s not having a nervous breakdown,. she’s usually traveling somewhere cheaply and writing about it. A book on her adventures is in the works.

A few favorite clips:

Scruffy Dog

Scruffy Dog

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  1. Love anything you write, Marla Jo. Am a dedicated fan of your column and love your outlook on motherhood and just being a good person in this crazy world!!

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