Why you should stay in family guesthouses

I love staying in small, family-run guesthouses! It’s so much fun to meet the owners, staff and other guests!

Click here to read my Cheapo Travel column this week about why you should, too!

And here are some photos of guesthouses where we’ve stayed in the past!

EGYPT 2 2010 024

Garden of the Blue Lotus guesthouse in Sakkara, Egypt, near Cairo, where we stayed in 2010

The kids are learning how to play Nubian instruments at Bet El Kereem guesthouse in Aswan, Egypt, 2010. I got musicians to come and teach them because they were missing their school concert back home.

EGYPT 2010 464

Us with the owner of the Bet El Karem “Experience Nubia” guesthouse at Aswan, Egypt. Many people skip Aswan when they go to Egypt, but we really enjoyed it, and this guesthouse, too.

LaPazLoretoTijuana2013 063

Cheetah Boy having breakfast at the sidewalk cafe at the Pension Baja Paradise in La Paz, Baja, Mexico. 2013. This was the rare guesthouse that didn’t give us a free breakfast every morning, but it was cheap.



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