I have no authority in this household

dog foodEven the dog doesn’t come when I first call him. Look at this picture. Now, imagine the dog watching me opening this  in the kitchen, 10 feet away from him. What sentient canine being that’s not in an actual coma would not immediately come when called, when he hears and sees this being opened?

Buddy The Wonder Dog, that’s who. I call him. He looks at me. I call him again. He looks at me. I yell at him. He comes. And only then does he graciously agree to be fed. Very much like my children. What am I doing wrong here?

September 12, 2014

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Author: Marla Jo Fisher

Marla Jo Fisher is the Frumpy Middle-age Mom and the Deals Diva columnist for the Orange County Register, where she tries to be funny and save you money. Web: http://marlajofisher.com

One thought on “I have no authority in this household

  1. Maybe he doesn’t like that food and is only eating it to survive. He could also be older and not give a poop.I used to get expensive food for my allergic dog,and then decided to switch to Costco. My dogs are fine, and I am saving tons of money.

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